May 3, 2019

12 FREE Nurse’s Week Goodies, Giveaways and More!

12 FREE Nurse’s Week Goodies, Giveaways and More!
Chaunie Brusie By: Chaunie Brusie

By Chaunie Brusie

If you ask us, every week is Nurses Week. But, officially, National Nurses Week runs next week, from Monday, May 6 and ending on Sunday, May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale herself.

National Nurses Week was started way back in 1993 by the American Nurses Association as a way to celebrate and elevate the nursing profession. According to the ANA, National Nurses Week is “a time for everyone — individuals, employers, other health care professionals, community leaders, and nurses — to recognize the vast contributions and positive impact of America’s four million registered nurses.” This year, especially, nurses everywhere might need a little boost to help remind them they are valued and worthy and their profession is respected. So, to do that, every nurse is getting a free pack of cards!

Am I serious or am I joking? You’ll have to read on to find out, but here’s what you can definitely look forward to from Nurses Week: 

Free books on Amazon

Boost your nursing library with all of these free downloads, from the original “Notes on Nursing” from Florence Nightingale to books on NCLEX prep to fun fiction reads.  

Free e-cards from Hallmark

Send your coworkers and fellow nurse friends a friendly e-reminder of much they mean to you. 

Free coffee

In the past, participating Dunkin’ Donuts locations have offered a free 16-ounce dark roast iced coffee during afternoon hours with a valid health care ID, so be sure to check for updates this year. 

Free Cinnabon cinnamon roll

What goes great with free coffee? A free cinnamon roll of course! This year, nurses with ID badges can devour a tasty free MiniBon roll or a 4-pack of BonBites at participating locations as part of Cinnabon’s partnership with The Daisy Foundation. 

Free cheese dip

If you’re in Kansas City, you’re in luck, because the Mexican restaurant Zocalo is giving away free cheese dip to all nurses and support staff with their ID badges. Score for free cheese!

Free vision board

Want to get more focused on your future? Get some clarity by downloading a free vision board template to help you carve out your goals and dreams as a nurse. The vision boards comes as part of BAYADA Home Health Care, a leading home health care provider and national nonprofit’s site,, as part of the organization’s Share. Care. Dare. campaign.

Free continuing education

Hey, we all have to do it, so why not get your next CE course for free? You can thank BAYADA for sponsoring free continuing education courses for nurses all through Nurses Week. 

Free Peloton bike

Um, who wouldn’t want to win the hottest workout trend since, well ever? BAYADA is also sponsoring a Peloton bike giveaway that you know you want to win and should probably go enter right now. 

Free Sandals dream resort beach vacation

Don’t forget — the Sandals dream vacation for two giveaway goes on throughout the entire month of May and nurses, teachers and moms are all eligible to enter. 

Free Airpods, $100 Amazon Card, Starbucks, a stethoscope and more

Yup, you can win all of that, plus some more amazing prizes in the Nurses Week Bundle from The Nerdy Nurse. Happy entering! 

Free deck of cards

Ah, so I was serious after all! In honor of Senator Walsh, staffing nursing agency FlexRN is actually looking to send all nurses at their organization a free pack of playing cards, but there is a catch: first they are hosting a competition to design those cards called “Nurses Never Fold.” The design competition is open to anyone and if you submit an entry, you’re automatically entered to win a…

Free stay at Gaylord National Resort, plus casino cash

The winner of the card competition gets a free night at the Maryland resort for them and a guest plus $100 in spending cash at the MGM National Harbor Casino all courtesy of FlexRN. 

Nurse Night 2019 tour is hosting a Nationwide Tour that goes on beyond Nurses Week, so you can celebrate a Nurse Appreciation Night all through July. and Nurse Blake have teamed up with seven major league sports teams to host Nurse Appreciation Nights across the country. They’ll honor 10 nurse heroes on the field, one special nurse will get to throw the FIRST pitch (or get VIP seats) and all the nurse heroes will receive a personalized pair of Jaanuu scrubs during the pre-game ceremony. 

Here are the upcoming game dates: 


These goodies are just the start of what will be available to nurses all through Nurses’ Week, so keep your eyes peeled for even more freebies, giveaways and free food you can score. And when in doubt, during Nurses Week, you’re totally allowed to flash that badge and ask if you can score a discount. Because you deserve it. 

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