50+ Nurses to Follow on Instagram

10 Min Read Published June 29, 2023
50+ Nurses to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is an excellent platform for nurses to connect with each other, share their experiences, and learn new things. Many nurses have large followings on Instagram, and they use their platform to share a variety of content, including educational posts, personal stories, and professional advice. 

If you're looking for inspiration and motivation or simply want to stay updated with the latest nursing trends, here is a list of the top 50+ nurses to follow on Instagram. These influencers cover a wide range of specialties and topics, providing valuable insights into the world of nursing.

Nursing Humor

Nurse John BSN, RN

@nurse.johnn has over 1.2M followers. Being a nurse with a BSN, John shares his thoughts on daily nursing interactions with a humorous twist. His account provides a humorous take on the experiences and encounters nurses face in their profession.

Nurse Blake BSN, RN

@nurse.blake has over 979K followers. As a nurse, Blake shares his reflections on nursing and utilizes humor to bring joy to healthcare professionals. His account serves as a source of laughter and motivation for nurses navigating the challenges of their profession.

Nurse Julia J. RN

@juliaj.nurse has over 39.1 K followers. Being an RN, Julia shares her thoughts on nursing with a comedic touch. Her account uses humor to depict the everyday life of a nurse, offering relatable content and lighthearted moments to fellow nurses.

Nursing Career Growth

Nurse Mariela RN

@nursemariela has over 76.6K followers. As an RN, she shares valuable insights into nursing career growth, nursing humor, and the nursing lifestyle. Her account offers a perfect blend of relatable humor and informative content for nurses and those aspiring to join the nursing profession.

Nurse Amanda APRN, CRNP, RN 

@theresumerx has over 31K followers. As a nurse practitioner, she focuses on providing valuable advice and resources regarding resumes and career development for nurses. Her account serves as a helpful guide for nurses seeking to enhance their professional profiles.

Kelsey Rowell RN

@wholelifenurse has over 151K followers. Being a registered nurse herself, Kelsey offers valuable insights and guidance to help nurses find their dream jobs and explore nursing side hustles.

Sara Fung MN, BSN, RN 

@thernresume has over 1.3K followers. As a registered nurse, Sara specializes in assisting nurses with their resumes and interview coaching. Her account provides personalized advice and strategies to help nurses stand out in their job applications and excel in interviews.


@asknursealice has over 48.1K followers. With multiple advanced degrees and extensive nursing background, including MSN, APRN, ACNS-BC, FNP-C, CCRN, CEN, CV-BC, Nurse Alice offers valuable insights through her award-winning  Ask Nurse Alice podcast. She provides nursing advice, advocates for the nursing profession, and shares her wealth of knowledge with her engaged audience.

 Katie Duke MSN, CRNP 

@thekatieduke has over 148K followers. As a nurse practitioner, Katie Duke covers various aspects of nursing, including career growth, lifestyle, and even giveaways.


 Nurse Amber BSN, RN 

@sparklyscrubs has over 16.8K followers. She is a NICU and L&D BSN RN. Nurse Amber shares insights into the nursing lifestyle, specifically focusing on NICU nursing.

 Nurse Jean RN 

@_nursejean_ has a following of 25.2K. She is an ER/Trauma RN interested in scrub design. Nurse Jean's content revolves around the nursing lifestyle and showcases her work as a scrub designer.

 Clara Jones MSN, APRN, FNP-C 

@nurseclara has an impressive following of 95.8K followers. As a Gynecology NP, she shares her experiences and knowledge in her field. Clara also discusses various aspects of her lifestyle, including food and fun.

 Amanda Elwell BSN, RN, CEN

@nursingschool_struggle has gathered a following of 29.6K followers. She works as a nurse in the emergency room and is pursuing a nurse practitioner degree. Amanda's Instagram account offers insights into life as an ER nurse and frequently reposts humorous content related to nursing.

 Whitney Kleiner FNP

@themodernpractitioner has 15.1K followers. As an FNP, she focuses on pediatric holistic medicine, motherhood, and perinatal care. Whitney's content offers valuable information and perspectives in these areas.

 Nurse Julia RN 

@thenursejulia has a following of 37.5K. Being an FNP, Julia discusses topics related to lifestyle, self-care, and healthy living. Her content aims to inspire and educate fellow nurses.

 Sarah Warren RN 

@shesinscrubs boasts an impressive following of 109K followers. As an RN, Sarah shares her nursing lifestyle experiences and emphasizes mental health's importance.

 Zermina Ambary MSN, BSN, RN,  CHHC, FDN-P

@living_wholelistic has accumulated 10.5K followers. With qualifications including MSN, BSN, RN, CHHC, and FDN-P, she focuses on women's health and holistic living. Zermina's content promotes a holistic approach to well-being.

 Nurse Amy BSN, RN, CANS   

@amybirksrn has gained 65.2K followers. As an RN and CANS, she specializes in nurse aesthetics and beauty. Owner of Glo Derma, Amy is ranked as one of the top injectors in the country, and her work is displayed on her page. Amy's account provides insights into nurse aesthetics and offers nurse aesthetic classes.

 Nicole Thomas  DNP, RN, CCM

@nicolethomasinc has a following of 13.5K. As a DNP, she covers various topics related to the nursing lifestyle and works on uplifting nurses. Nicole also hosts a nursing podcast, which she frequently discusses on her account.

 Laura Gluck RN  

@laurakgluck has a follower count of 26.7K. Currently an RN-FNP student, Laura shares her journey through NP school and content related to fitness and lifestyle.

 Nacole Riccaboni MSN, MBA, APRN


@nursenacole has a following of 44.8K. As an RN, she focuses on nursing-related topics and provides insights into caring for children with autism. Nacole occasionally vlogs about her daily life as well.

 Nurse Sarah BSN, RN 

@mothernurselove has a follower count of 2.3K. Being an RN with a BSN, she discusses the nursing lifestyle, motherhood, and her writing endeavors on her account.

 Hadley Vlahos RN 

@nurse.hadley boasts an impressive following of 190K. As a hospice RN, she shares her experiences and insights into hospice nursing. Hadley's content also covers nursing lifestyle, parenting, and her book “The In Between.”

 Wali Khan BSN, RN, SRNA 

@wali_khann has gained 77.8K followers. As an SRNA, he focuses on content related to lifestyle, CRNA school, and traveling. Wali shares valuable insights and perspectives in these areas.

 Nurse Maddi RN 

@nurse.maddi has a following of 24.2K. As an ICU nurse, Maddi's content revolves around the ICU nursing lifestyle, traveling, giveaways, and her podcast. She offers a glimpse into her experiences as an ICU nurse and provides valuable information to her followers.


Leah Helmbrecht BSN, RN

@offtheclocknurse has over 24.5K followers. As a former travel OR nurse with a BSN, she now works as a Forensic Nurse Examiner/Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.  She educated on Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Human Trafficking, especially for current nurses so they are aware of possible signs in patients. She shares her thoughts on the nursing lifestyle and injects nursing humor into her posts. Her account offers a lighthearted perspective on the joys and challenges of being a nurse.

Kristine Tuttle BSN, RN

@kristinetuttle provides educational videos to nurses and nursing students and is the founder of NurseInTheMaking. She currently has over 351K followers and while she does focus on helping her followers and providing study guides and aides she does throw in some humorous content along the way. She keeps her page lighthearted, even for the heavy content stuff. 

Nurse Tyler MS, BSN, RN 

@thevisualnurse has a notable following of 119K. As an RN, Tyler's content focuses on nursing education, particularly ECG interpretations. He shares valuable insights and educational content in this area.

 James Simmons DNP, AG/ACNP

@askthenp has amased an impressive 41.1K followers. James is a frequent on air healthcare consultant and has appeared on numerous local and national radio and TV stations. An outspoke advocate of the LGBTQ+ and Black communities he posts both personal and educational content for his followers. 

 Monica McLemore Ph.D., MPH, RN

@mclemoremr has amassed a following of 3.3K. With a Ph.D., MPH, and RN qualifications, Monica's content covers nursing education, science, nursing lifestyle, and public health models. Her account offers a unique blend of valuable insights in these areas.

 Nurse Sam LPN

@thenursesam has a substantial following of 105K. Working as an LPN, Sam focuses on nursing education and provides LPN study guides on her account. She offers resources and tips for LPN students and aspiring nurses.

 Chelsea Reinhardt RN

@cecestudyguides has an impressive following of 80.1K. As an RN, she specializes in nursing school study guides and provides NCLEX help. Chelsea's account is valuable for nursing students seeking study materials and exam preparation tips.

 Nurse Sarah RN

@registerednursern_com boasts a significant following of 164K followers. Being an RN, she focuses on nursing school education and shares NCLEX tips. Sarah's account provides valuable resources and guidance for nursing students.

 Nurse Mike RN

@simplenursing.com_ has gained an impressive following of 495K. He focuses on nursing students and education as an RN, mainly through NCLEX questions. Mike's account offers educational content and resources for nursing students.

 Kati Kleber MSN, RN

@kati_kleber has accumulated a following of 34.1K. With MSN and RN qualifications, Kati discusses nursing education and offers resources for new nurses. She also hosts a podcast, which she frequently highlights on her account.

 Danielle LeVeck DNP, ACNPC-AG, CCNS, RN, CCRN 

@nurseabnormalities boasts an impressive following of 137K followers. As a CVICU NP, she shares insights into nursing life, nursing education, and ICU/CVICU education. Danielle's account provides valuable content for nurses in critical care specialties.

 Christina Massaro  MSN, RN, CRNA

@chrissycrna has a following of 33.5K. Being a CRNA, she discusses the CRNA lifestyle and offers insights into CRNA education. Christina's account provides valuable information and perspectives for aspiring and current CRNAs.

 Nurse Liz MSN, RN, FNP-C

@im.nurse.liz has a follower count of 34.5K. Being an FNP, Liz talks about healthcare education and provides updates on healthcare news. Her account offers valuable information and resources for healthcare professionals.

 Nurse Jamie RN

@nursejamiela boasts an impressive following of 416K. With qualifications including RN, Injector, and Med Spa, she focuses on skin solutions and beauty tips. Jamie's account provides valuable insights and recommendations for skincare and beauty-related topics.

Travel Nursing

 Chris Hernandez RN

@chrisflakoo has accumulated a following of 26.7K. Being an RN, Chris shares content about travel nursing, salsa dancing, and nursing events. His account provides a unique blend of nursing and lifestyle-related topics.

 Nurse Michelle RN 

@heynursemichelle boasts a following of 10.2K followers. Working as an ICU Travel RN, Michelle discusses travel nursing, blogging, and nursing inspiration on her account. She offers valuable insights and motivation for fellow travel nurses.

 Diane Kristine RN

@_dianekristine has gathered a following of 15K. As a travel nurse, originally from Hawaii, Diane shares her experiences and insights into travel nursing. Her account offers a glimpse into the life of a travel nurse primarily in Texas. 

 Kylee Nelson BSN, RN

@passportsandpreemies has a following of 68.2K. With a career as a Travel RN, Kylee's content revolves around traveling the world and preventing burnout in the nursing profession. Her account provides inspiration and tips for nurses seeking adventure while maintaining their well-being.

Nursing inspiration

 Nurse Erica RN, BC

@the.nurse.erica with a following of 62.4K people. Being an RN, BC, Erica covers various topics such as nursing news, traveling, and nursing-related content. Her account offers a mix of informative and engaging posts for nurses. She also focuses on helping nurses form unions at their healthcare institution. 

 Robyn Stoetzel BSN, RN, CCAP

@naturalnurserobyn has a following of 15K. As an OB RN, Robyn focuses on health and wellness, including health coaching. Her account provides valuable insights and inspiration for maintaining well-being in nursing.

 Nurse Allie RN

@nurse_allie has amassed a following of 19K followers. Being a Hospice Nurse, Allie shares her experiences and offers motivation related to hospice nursing and the nursing profession as a whole. Her account provides a supportive and uplifting community for nurses.

 Nurse Sonja DNP, CRNA

@nursesonja boasts a substantial following of 49.7K. With the qualifications of APRN and Nurse Anesthesia, Sonja focuses on motivating nurses and traveling. She is also a professional speaker and author. Her account offers inspiration and valuable insights for nurses in various specialties.

 Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN

@thenerdynurse has a follower count of 12.5K. Brittney runs "The Nerdy Nurse" platform with BSN and RN qualifications, sharing nursing ideas, products, information, and facts. Her account offers a unique blend of nursing-related content and technology.

 Donna Cardillo  RN, MA, CSP, FAAN

@donnawilkcardillo has gathered a following of 2.6K. With qualifications including RN, MA, CSP, and FAAN, Donna focuses on nursing inspiration and nursing retreats. Her account provides motivation and resources for nurses seeking personal and professional growth.

 Nurse Tori BSN, RN, RNC-NIC

@nurse.tori_ boasts an impressive following of 76.9K followers. As a NICU RNC-NIC, Tori shares content about self-care, NICU nursing, and the nursing lifestyle. Her account offers educational and uplifting content for NICU nurses and healthcare professionals.

Georgina Villarreal MSN, RN

@nurse.georgie focuses on inspiring the younger generation of nurses through health coaching, wellness, and nutrition. She has an impressive 48.4K followers. She is also one of the founders of the She Can Be Both | Media for Inspired Women movement that illustrates women thriving in multiple careers and roles. 

Miki Rai BSN, RN

@miki.rai offers followers an insight into her life as a bedside nurse but also into her travel adventures and dating a resident. MD Kevin makes frequent appearances on her page. The developer of the Nurse Interview Guide she has over 688K followers and really helps new grads land their first nursing position. 

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