Fake Nurse Stole Credit Cards From Children's Hospital, Police Say

1 Min Read Published October 4, 2023
Fake Nurse Stole Credit Cards From Children's Hospital, Police Say

Lakeshia Kennedy, 47, from New Orleans, was arrested on Sunday for allegedly stealing bank cards and committing fraud while posing as a nurse at a local children's hospital. According to police documents filed in Criminal District Court, Kennedy has been charged with four counts of access device fraud, eight counts of attempted access device fraud, and one count of theft. If convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison for the crimes. Kennedy's bond is set at $16,000.

In November 2022, Lafayette Police released an image to the public of Kennedy allegedly posing as a nurse at an area hospital where they said she stole credit cards from a secured area. 

Police are investigating similar identity theft crimes thought to be committed by Kennedy in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Stealing Credit Cards

According to the records obtained by nola.com  from the New Orleans Police Department, Kennedy stole several bank cards and personal information from patients and staff at the Children's Hospital of New Orleans while pretending to be a nurse. Police records show that Kennedy used the stolen bank cards to make unauthorized purchases and attempted to use other stolen cards that were declined. 

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