March 10, 2023

Nurse's Job Was Allegedly Threatened Over "Disney Shoe Hack" TikTok

Nurse's Job Was Allegedly Threatened Over "Disney Shoe Hack" TikTok

You may have heard about the Kelly Fam, known as @the.kelly.fam on many different social platforms, including TikTok and Instagram, who recently went viral for sharing a controversial “hack” to get your kids on more rides at Disney. 

The husband and wife pair, who share three young children together, posted a now-deleted video that showed them devising a pair of homemade platform shoes to get around the height requirements for some rides at Disney for their 3-year-old son, Kannon. Using some Gorilla glue, cut-up flip-flops, and some strategically placed marker colorings, Ty and Haley seemed to succeed in their quest to add a whole lot of inches so their son could ride “the big ones” at the famed park. 

The duo dubbed the move the “ultimate theme park hack” to help their “thrill-seeking boy who can't get enough of Disney theme park rides.” Predictably, the move was met with a lot of criticism and outcry that eventually led to the couple deleting the video and publicly apologizing (although the apology video has also been deleted). But what you may not have heard is that Haley, the wife in this viral social pair, also works as a nurse—and some followers were allegedly so outraged by what she did that they tried to have her fired from her job as an RN.

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Calls to Fire Nurse Haley Kelly

According to Parade, Ty detailed how after the video went viral, there were people that were so upset over what they took to be an endangering “hack” that they actually contacted Haley’s employer to try to get her fired from her job as a nurse. 

“People were trying to get my wife fired from her nursing) job or saying they would call CPS (Child Protective Services) to get our kids taken away from us or hoping we'd get banned from Disney World,” he told the outlet. He also told Today that Haley had received “threatening calls” in regard to her work as a nurse. 

Fortunately, Ty also confirmed that despite the efforts to get Haley fired, it appears her employer did not take action against her and she has not been forced to leave her job as a nurse. 

What Kind of Nurse is Haley Kelly?

According to what appears to be Haley’s LinkedIn profile, she has worked at a Florida hospital as an operating room nurse for over 7 years. In some of their TikTok videos, she can be seen wearing scrubs, seemingly getting home from a shift. 

Source: TikTok/@the.kelly.fam

The Daily Mail also covered a story on Haley when she had extensive elective surgery in 2021 to remove her uterus, ovaries, and both breasts due to a hereditary BRAC1 genetic mutation that placed her at high risk for developing cancer; in the story on her and her family, the outlet described that Haley is an operating room nurse. 

Haley’s husband has also talked about her being a nurse, putting up a humorous video about him being distraught after realizing his wife “inserts catheters in grown men all day long.” 

Source: Instagram/@the.kelly.fam

Haley has shared a bit about her life as a nurse on her channels as well, such as when she created “Labor and Delivery” snack baskets to bring with her to the hospital when she delivered one of her children. 

“Nurses are the worst patients so I’m trying to make up for my future annoyance,” she captioned one of her stories detailing her process. “Being a nurse myself, I know I would have appreciated it,” she added, referring to the snack baskets. 

The Truth Behind the "Disney Shoe Hack" Video

And if you’re still wondering why the Kelly family posted the “hack” video–especially considering that Kannon actually meets the 38” height requirement for many Disney rides–Insider pointed out that the original video may have been meant to be solely for entertainment purposes.

The TikTok video was a shortened version of a longer YouTube now-deleted video posted to The Kelly Fam YouTube channel on February 19, that explained the "hack" in more detail, with a disclaimer clearly depicted on the video that read: "This video is not intended to be taken seriously, as we made this video solely for entertainment purposes. DO NOT attempt this yourself. Disney is GREAT at their jobs, and you will get caught."

So there you have it, folks. The video, however you feel about it, may not have actually been meant to be taken as a serious instructional tool on how to get your kids on more dangerous rides at Disney. 

And nurses, if you’re reading this, definitely let this be a reminder that if you’re on social media, take any steps you can to lock down your private information, such as where you work—and be careful about what you can post that could land you into potential hot water with your employer. 

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