December 28, 2022

4 Reasons Why December is the Best Month to Find a Nursing Job

4 Reasons Why December is the Best Month to Find a Nursing Job

You might be surprised to learn that December is actually the perfect time to secure your next nursing job.

People tend to assume that hospitals are gearing down towards the end of the year. In reality, hospitals don’t have the luxury of a slow season and are constantly working to fill positions and meet demands.

During the month of December, a variety of factors converge and make it the ideal time to aggressively pursue positions and invest more time in the application process. Here are just a few reasons why December is the best month to find a nursing job:

1. There is less competition

The holidays are a busy time of year. People are arranging trips across the country to visit family, attending parties, shopping for presents and much more.

That also means that they aren’t focusing on their career and using vacation time to look for new jobs. While other people are caught up in the holiday bustle, you can get an edge on the competition and make sure you are applying for available positions.

Less competition means that you have a better chance of getting noticed and beginning the interview process.

2. Applying in December perfectly positions you for the January hiring.

For most hospitals, the new calendar year coincides with a new fiscal year. Brand new hiring budgets are put in place and there is a fresh source of funds to put towards expanding personnel and filling open positions.

Making sure that your application is submitted in December ensures that you will be in the mix once the hiring process begins in early January. If you wait until after the holiday season, you risk missing out on the first wave of hiring and having to deal with a limited number of available options.

3. Holidays provide plenty of networking opportunities.

Even in today’s digital world, the importance of networking to securing your ideal job cannot be underestimated.

Connecting with other people is an important part of standing out as a candidate and learning about available opportunities.

A recommendation from someone already employed at the facility where you are applying also improves your chances or getting hired and helps you stand out from a crowded field. 

Fortunately, holiday parties provide the perfect opportunity to make valuable connections and network with a wide range of people.

Even if you aren’t in the mood to attend another gathering, make the effort to attend as many as possible and start conversations. You never know where a chance encounter might lead you. 

Finally, be sure to follow up on any leads. Reach out to any contacts you make and begin to cultivate the relationship without being too pushy. It is important to make a meaningful connection first and not overwhelm them with work-related questions.

4. You have more free time.

Chances are that you have some time off over the holidays. While there will be a lot of demands on your time, the holidays also offer more flexibility.

Carve out some time to spend researching positions, submitting applications and networking with other nurses and administrators.

It might not be the ideal way to spend your additional free time, but it will help you get a leg up on the competition. Also, it will be a lot easier to concentrate your efforts now rather than when you are back at work and trying to juggle even more responsibilities.

Most people don’t associate December with job searching, which is part of the reason why it is the ideal time to research positions and submit applications.

Spending some time and energy on finding your next nursing job while the competition is caught up in holiday activities will give you an edge. Get your applications in during December so that your name is on the top of the pile once hiring picks up in January. A little effort during December can pay off big in the new year.