December 29, 2022

Family Mourns Health Aide Who Died In Blizzard

Family Mourns Health Aide Who Died In Blizzard

A record-setting blizzard hit Buffalo, New York, over the Christmas weekend. Some areas saw 50 inches of snow. Many residents have died due to severe weather conditions. At the time of this writing, the death toll in Buffalo stands at 38. Unfortunately, it is anticipated to climb higher as more snow is cleared.

Monique Alexander is one of the 38 who perished in the blizzard. Alexander was a 52-year-old home health aide at FreedomCare in Buffalo, New York. 

According to Alexander’s daughter, Casey Maccarone, her mother went out sometime between 2 PM and 3 PM on Christmas Eve and said she would be right back. She assumed Alexander was running out to the store for some last-minute items. She became worried when her mother did not return home around 6:30 PM.

In a Facebook group for Buffalo residents, Maccarone posted a comment asking if anyone had seen her mother. She says she received a message from a gentleman asking if he could call her through video chat about her mother. 

On the video chat, the man told Maccerone he had also been stranded and walking in the blizzard conditions when he found Alexander’s body in the snow on Delaware Avenue. He told Maccarone he was unable to carry her mother to a shelter, so he placed her under the awning of King of Diamonds Jewelry. He placed her body there so she would not get covered with snow and could be found. The National Guard was able to retrieve her body when conditions permitted.

Maccarone said, “We were waiting for her to come home. I knew something was wrong right away though, so I kind of accepted it instantly, but it’s hard knowing that she was outside for so long too because there were no emergency responders allowed to come outside.”

She went on to say of her mother, “She was a beautiful lady. She was just always the family caregiver. She always took care of everyone.”

In addition to being a home health aide and mother, Alexander also had three grandchildren whom she adored. She ran Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and worked at Curtiss Hotel as a housekeeper. Maccarone said, “She loved her grandkids and her family. She just loved taking care of people.”

Governor Kathy Hochul has declared a State of Emergency. She tweeted, “I am heartbroken by the loss of life from this storm.”

New York Senator, Chuck Schumer, referred to the storm as a “once in a generation storm,” and assured residents the federal government would provide necessary resources for “search and rescue, medical response, and infrastructure recovery efforts, like power restoration.” 

Buffalo Mayor, Byron Brown, continues to urge drivers to be cautious and not drive unless necessary. Cleanup and recovery efforts are still ongoing.


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