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November 27, 2017

Best Hospitals in Louisiana for Nurses in 2017

Best Hospitals in Louisiana for Nurses in 2017 analyzed 944 surveys of nurses from 111 hospitals in Louisiana to rank the best hospitals to work for in the state of Louisiana.

1. Woman's Hospital


4.7 Average Rating
100% Recommended

*Magnet Hospital

"Excellent hospital and great workers. It's a Magnet hospital and patient care comes first!"

"My NICU is very modern and utilizes evidence-based practices. The nurses are involved at all levels on the unit. Staffing is great and everyone is a team player! Family-centered care is a priority on our unit."

"This is a Magnet hospital that values its employees and evidence-based practices. They encourage the involvement of staff at all levels of operations. The NICU is an extremely busy unit that displays consistent teamwork and positive attitudes."


2. Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center


4.2 Average Rating
100% Recommended

"The staff is amazing!"

"The development team here is dedicated to your growth."

"Good environment, great coworkers, [and] great opportunities for advancement."


3. Willis Knighton Bossier Health Center


4.2 Average Rating
94% Recommended

"Great staff. [They] offer a comprehensive complete orientation."

"We really work as a team and help each other out. The doctors are good about listening and seem to value nurses input."


4. Lafayette General Medical Center


4.1 Average Rating
97% Recommended

"The director is excellent. Coworkers are very nice. The facility is clean and well run. They make efforts to keep the working environment safe."

"Interesting cases, excellent teamwork, [and] overall enjoyable work environment."

"LGMC is a great community hospital that has many resources."


5. North Oaks Medical Center


4.1 Average Rating
96% Recommended

"The facility has great coworkers, great staffing ratios, [and] very competitive pay."

"Knowledgeable [and] helpful staff."

"The teamwork is great! Nurses really try to help each other out whenever possible."


6. Slidell Memorial Hospital


4.1 Average Rating
92% Recommended

"Coworkers work as a close-knit team."

"All upper management have open door policies. Employees are friendly, welcoming, and very helpful. Very glad I made the move to Slidell Memorial."


7. Ochsner Medical Center - Kenner


4.0 Average Rating
100% Recommended

"A clean work environment with promising leadership. Great health care at a very high level of care."

"Great patient to nurse ratio. State of the art facility. Very well organized."

"Great working environment and support from coworkers."


8. CHRISTUS Schumpert Medical Center


4.0 Average Rating
100% Recommended

"Coworkers are always nice and friendly and have your back whenever needed."

"Coworkers are helpful and encouraging. Wonderful facility to work for. Would encourage anyone to work here and I would love to return."

"We have a great group of nurses here with a heart for their patients."


9. Acadia St. Landry Hospital


4.1 Average Rating
92% Recommended

"Good nurse and patient ratios and excellent pay."

"It's a very well-staffed and teamwork oriented facility to work at. Our patients are provided the best quality of care I have seen anywhere in my 10 years of being an RN."


10. University Health Shreveport


4.0 Average Rating
94% Recommended

"Unit works together as a team, good leadership, [and] great teaching hospital with lots of resources to fall back on."

"Everyone works together to get the job done and ultimately care for the patient. The ER provides the best care possible to all patients."

"Great teamwork and fellow nursing support. Staffing ratios within the unit are fantastic. Other nurses are always willing to help with any tasks you may need."


Methodology: surveyed 944 nurses from 111 hospitals in the state of Louisiana from 2015-2017 for this report. Hospitals with less than ten reviews were excluded from our list. The ranking order is based on the average rating and the percent of nurses who would recommend their hospital.

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