Highest Paying States For Registered Nurses

It’s that time of year again. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its latest Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Report. Not surprisingly, healthcare workers report some of the highest wages in the country. Here are the salaries in all 50 states (plus Washington DC), ranked by median salary.


51. South Dakota

Median RN Salary: $54,380

Median Hourly: $26.14

Number of RNs in South Dakota:  12,130

Nursing Jobs: View the best-paying nursing jobs in South Dakota now.


50.  Iowa

Median RN Salary: $55,310

Median Hourly: $26.59

Number of RNs in Iowa:  32,370

Nursing Jobs: View 268 high-paying nursing jobs in Iowa now.


49. Alabama

Median RN Salary: $55,500

Median Hourly: $26.68

Number of RNs in Alabama:  47,440

Nursing Jobs: Over 100 high-paying nursing positions in Alabama are open now.


48. Missisippi

Median RN Salary: $55,870

Median Hourly: $26.86

Number of RNs in Missisippi:  28,590

Nursing Jobs:Get paid what you’re worth. Search 319 open nursing positions in Mississippi.


47. Arkansas

Median RN Salary: $56,700

Median Hourly: $27.26

Number of RNs in Arkansas:  23,380

Nursing Jobs: Search 238 open nursing positions in Arkansas now.


46. Kansas 

Median RN Salary: $57,200

Median Hourly: $27.50

Number of RNs in Kansas:  27,130

Nursing Jobs: View 236 high-paying nursing opportunities in Kansas now.


45. Tennessee

Median RN Salary: $57,590

Median Hourly: $27.69

Number of RNs in Tennessee:  47,440

Nursing Jobs: Tennessee needs nurses like you. Apply now for 453 nursing jobs in this great state.


44. West Virginia

Median RN Salary: $58,200

Median Hourly: $27.98

Number of RNs in West Virginia:  20,880

Nursing Jobs: View 162 of the best paying nursing job opportunities in West Virginia now.


43. Indiana

Median RN Salary: $58,810

Median Hourly: $28.27

Number of RNs in Indiana:  63,870

Nursing Jobs: There are 374 open nursing jobs in Indiana. Apply now.


42. Missouri

Median RN Salary: $58,820

Median Hourly: $28.28

Number of RNs in Missouri:  67,920

Nursing Jobs: Missouri nurses are in high demand. Search 791 jobs now on the #1 job board for nurses.


41. Kentucky

Median RN Salary: $58,930

Median Hourly: $28.33

Number of RNs in Kentucky:  45,500

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in Kentucky. See 175 open nursing positions. now.


40. Nebraska

Median RN Salary: $59,180

Median Hourly: $28.45

Number of RNs in Nebraska:  21,240

Nursing Jobs: There are 134 open nursing jobs in Nebraska. Apply now.


39. Oklahoma

Median RN Salary: $59,270

Median Hourly: $28.49

Number of RNs in Oklahoma:  27,660

Nursing Jobs: View 406 of the best paying nursing job opportunities in Oklahoma now.


38. North Carolina

Median RN Salary: $59,590

Median Hourly: $28.65

Number of RNs in North Carolina:  99,050

Nursing Jobs: North Carolina nurses are in high demand. Search 664 jobs in NC now on the #1 job board for nurses.


37. North Dakota

Median RN Salary: $59,840

Median Hourly: $28.77

Number of RNs in North Dakota: 8,710

Nursing Jobs: North Dakota needs nurses like you. Apply now to 92 top-notch nursing jobs in this great state.


36. Utah

Median RN Salary: $60,810

Median Hourly: $29.23

Number of RNs in Utah: 21,470

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in Utah. See 141 open nursing positions now.


35. Louisiana

Median RN Salary: $60,820

Median Hourly: $29.24

Number of RNs in Louisiana: 44,780

Nursing Jobs: There are 288 open nursing jobs in Louisiana. Apply now.


34. South Carolina

Median RN Salary: $60,980

Median Hourly: $29.32

Number of RNs in South Carolina: 41,800

Nursing Jobs: South Carolina needs nurses like you. Apply now to 380 nursing jobs in this great state.


33. Wyoming

Median RN Salary: $61,450

Median Hourly: $29.54

Number of RNs in Wyoming: 4,970

Nursing Jobs: View 236 high-paying nursing opportunities in WY now.


32. Maine

Median RN Salary: $61,890

Median Hourly: $29.76

Number of RNs in Maine: 14,190

Nursing Jobs: Maine needs nurses like you.  Apply now to 380 nursing jobs in this great state.


31. Idaho

Median RN Salary: $62,190

Median Hourly: $29.90

Number of RNs in Idaho: 12,330

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in Idaho. See 175 open nursing positions now.


30. Ohio

Median RN Salary: $62,310

Median Hourly: $29.95

Number of RNs in Ohio: 128,030

Nursing Jobs: View 236 high-paying nursing opportunities in Ohio now.


29. Montana

Median RN Salary: $62,360

Median Hourly: $29.98

Number of RNs in Montana: 9,800

Nursing Jobs: Montana needs nurses like you. Apply now to 94 nursing jobs in MT.


28. Florida

Median RN Salary: $62,720

Median Hourly: $30.15

Number of RNs in Florida: 174,710

Nursing Jobs: Florida nurses are in high demand. Search 2,121 jobs now on the #1 job board for nurses.


27. Georgia

Median RN Salary: $64,340

Median Hourly: $30.93

Number of RNs in Georgia: 73,330

Nursing Jobs: View 515 high-paying nursing opportunities in Georgia now.


26. Virginia

Median RN Salary: $64,470

Median Hourly: $31.00

Number of RNs in Virginia: 63,820

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in Virginia. See 679 open nursing positions now.


25. Vermont

Median RN Salary: $65,230

Median Hourly: $31.36

Number of RNs in Vermont: 5,850

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in Vermont.  See 100 open nursing positions in VT now.


24. Wisconsin

Median RN Salary: $66,430

Median Hourly: $31.94

Number of RNs in Wisconsin: 55,410

Nursing Jobs: View 305 high-paying nursing opportunities in Wisconsin now.


23. Pennsylvania

Median RN Salary: $66,660

Median Hourly: $32.05

Number of RNs in Pennsylvania: 139,480

Nursing Jobs: View 236 high-paying nursing opportunities in Pennsylvania now.


22. New Hampshire

Median RN Salary: $66,700

Median Hourly: $32.07

Number of RNs in New Hampshire: 13,260

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in New Hampshire. Explore 346 open nursing positions now. 

21. Michigan

Median RN Salary: $67,450

Median Hourly: $32.43

Number of RNs in Michigan: 92,670

Nursing Jobs: View 322 high-paying nursing opportunities in Michigan now.


20. New Mexico

Median RN Salary: $67,580

Median Hourly: $32.49

Number of RNs in New Mexico: 16,200

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in New Mexico. See 427 open nursing positions now.


19. Texas

Median RN Salary: $68,680

Median Hourly: $33.02

Number of RNs in Texas: 207,810

Nursing Jobs: View 130 high-paying nursing opportunities in Texas now.


18. Illinois

Median RN Salary: $68,710

Median Hourly: $33.03

Number of RNs in Illinois: 121,670

Nursing Jobs: There are 562 open nursing jobs in Illinois. Apply now.


17. Colorado

Median RN Salary: $68,750

Median Hourly: $33.05

Number of RNs in Colorado: 47,590

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in Colorado. See 393 open nursing positions now.


16. Delaware

Median RN Salary: $69,310

Median Hourly: $33.32

Number of RNs in Delaware: 11,320

Nursing Jobs: View 28 high-paying nursing opportunities in Delaware now.


15. Arizona

Median RN Salary: $72,680

Median Hourly: $34.94

Number of RNs in Arizona: 52,610

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in Arizona. See 542 open nursing positions now.


14. Maryland

Median RN Salary: $73,440

Median Hourly: $35.31

Number of RNs in Maryland: 53,330

Nursing Jobs: Maryland needs nurses like you. Apply now to 686 nursing jobs in this great state.


13. Rhode Island

Median RN Salary: $74,320

Median Hourly: $35.73

Number of RNs in Rhode Island: 12,150

Nursing Jobs: View 61 high-paying nursing opportunities in Rhode Island now.


12. Minnesota

Median RN Salary: $74,460

Median Hourly: $35.80

Number of RNs in Minnesota: 61,830

Nursing Jobs: There are 139 open nursing jobs in Minnesota. Apply now.


11. Connecticut

Median RN Salary: $77,650

Median Hourly: $35.33

Number of RNs in Connecticut: 61,830

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in Connecticut. See 346 open nursing positions now.


10. Washington

Median RN Salary: $78,440

Median Hourly: $37.71

Number of RNs in Washington: 55,350

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in Washington. See 433 open nursing positions now.


9. New Jersey

Median RN Salary: $79,790

Median Hourly: $38.36

Number of RNs in New Jersey: 79,400

Nursing Jobs: New Jersey needs nurses like you. Apply now to 216 nursing jobs in NJ.


8. District of Columbia

Median RN Salary: $80,010

Median Hourly: $38.47

Number of RNs in DC: 10,320

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in DC. See 201 open nursing positions now.


7. New York

Median RN Salary: $80,380

Median Hourly: $38.65

Number of RNs in New York: 180,730

Nursing Jobs: View 650 of the best paying nursing job opportunities in New York now.


6. Nevada

Median RN Salary: $83,940

Median Hourly: $40.36

Number of RNs in Nevada: 20,250

Nursing Jobs: There are 179 open nursing jobs in Nevada. Apply now.


5. Massachusetts

Median RN Salary: $84,410

Median Hourly: $40.58

Number of RNs in Massachusetts: 20,250

Nursing Jobs: Massachusetts needs nurses like you. Apply now to 779 open nursing jobs.


4. Alaska

Median RN Salary: $85,300

Median Hourly: $40.01

Number of RNs in Alaska: 5,570

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in Alaska. See 215 open nursing positions now.


3. Oregon

Median RN Salary: $88,010

Median Hourly: $42.32

Number of RNs in Oregon: 35,220

Nursing Jobs: Advance your career in Oregon. See 357 open nursing positions now.


2. Hawaii 

Median RN Salary: $91,020

Median Hourly: $43.76

Number of RNs in Hawaii: 11,300

Nursing Jobs: View 56 high-paying nursing opportunities in Hawaii now.


1. California

Median RN Salary: $100,460

Median Hourly: $48.30

Number of RNs in California: 274,650

Nursing Jobs: View 2,484 of the best paying nursing job opportunities in California now.



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