7 Perfect Gift Ideas For National Nurses Week

It’s that special time of year again! The sun is coming out, the trees are coming back to life and, of course, National Nurses Week is about to begin.

National Nurses Week, created in honor of the nurses that help and inspire us each and every day, begins on Friday, May 6 and ends on Thursday, May 12. That’s seven solid days of nurse appreciation, and in honor of your week, we’ve come up with seven perfect gift ideas for that special nurse.

1. Personalized Nurse Starbucks Cup


Nothing fuels a nurse quite like coffee. Keep your nurse alert by making sure they can proudly bring their coffee anywhere! These personalizable cups combine the love of nursing, coffee, and perhaps even Starbucks!

2. Chocolate


Is there really a wrong time to give someone chocolate? Unless your nurse is allergic or happens to hate chocolate, this is a sure-fire winner.

3. Nursing Bracelet


A nice bracelet is always a good way to spoil someone special. These made-to-order bracelets can be customized with your favorite nurse's birthstone and initials.

4. Nurse Themed Socks


Look around you: the dawn of the “fancy sock” era is upon us. Socks make a great gift -- that is, unless your chosen nurse doesn't wear socks (in which case they desperately need socks now!) Spoil your nurse with these adorable socks!

5. Nurse Themed Shot Glasses


No explanation necessary.

6. Coffee

Yes, coffee is so great that it made this list twice (sort of). There are numerous places that will ship gourmet coffee beans as a gift. Why not compliment a special nursing coffee cup with some special coffee?

7. Amazon Gift Card

The person who knows how to treat a nurse best is, well...themselves! This gift might be a little bit of a cop-out, but the gesture is what really matters. Plus, your nurse will be able to buy themselves whatever they want!

There are plenty of other great Nurses Week gift ideas. Are you planning on buying someone a gift for Nurses Week, or are you a nurse that received an awesome gift in the past? Share your gift ideas in the comments!

And remember, Nurse Appreciation Week only lasts seven days, but Ryan Gosling thinks you rock all year round!


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