Top 10 Hospitals To Work For In Washington State

There are millions of rankings out there that tell you where the best hospitals are for patients, but what about the best hospitals for nurses? conducted extensive research from numerous studies and crunched the numbers to bring you a list of the best hospitals for nurses in Washington state!

How We Ranked Each Hospital

With thousands in our community, we took opinions and reviews from nurses just like you. We asked nurses whether they recommend this hospital, their satisfaction, and their opinions on important factors like culture, nurse support, staffing, benefits, salary, and more.

We also took into consideration the safety and quality of the hospital. The safety score from Consumer Reports includes measures such as level of communication and improvement in avoiding infections like MRSA and C.difficile.

A small portion that contributed to these rankings was a compilation of various rankings of best hospitals in general, ranked by reputable sources like US News, Healthgrades, LeapFrog, and more. US News’ research consists of reputation with specialists and other care-related indicators. 

Our analysts also examined hospitals’ Health Grove Smart Rating which includes extensive research on its medicare performance, popularity, reputability, and Truven Analytics.

Last but not least, we referenced a handful of research that listed some of the most nurse-friendly hospitals as well as best hospitals to work for. Hospitals more frequently commended for its friendliness towards nurses received higher points in our algorithm. Further detail on our ranking methodology can be found here.

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Our Findings


The Top Three 

#3 Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital - Vancouver, WA

Located on the southern tip of the state, Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital is a leader in advanced technology and provides short-term acute care. Despite its diminutive size (only 166 beds), LSCH impressed us with its dedicated staff who meet the nation’s highest standards for training and qualifications.   It trailed our #2 hospital by a mere half-point, with nurses telling us that management is constantly on top of all situations and always willing to help. 

#2 University of Washington Medical Center - Seattle, WA

Ranked #1 in Washington by US News, UW Medical Center is one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers and therefore, a great environment to be a new nurse or learn a new specialty. This hospital is also a great place if you are interesting in opportunities for career advancement. Our community tells us working at the hospital entails being surrounded by great staff with great benefits, as well as unions well-representing the nurses. It trailed our #1 ranked hospital by only 3 points. 

#1 - Seattle Children’s Hospital - Seattle, WA

The top spot goes to Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Located in the heart of Seattle, this hospital won with a whopping 87 points based on our algorithmic ranking. Seattle Children’s Hospital provides a shuttle service to make getting to work easier for their nurses. Nurses enjoy low-cost medical care and onsite nursery services for their children, as well as a cut-rate gym membership and admissions to various cultural activities. 

Washington Nurses Love Seattle 

From our research and rankings, it was interesting to find that most of the best hospitals to work for were concentrated in urban areas. More specifically, we discovered a majority of the best hospitals were in the Seattle area! In fact, six of the top ten hospitals were found in Seattle.  While there is probably some correlation to the concentration of the population, it’s undeniable that many Washington nurses love working in Seattle!

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Nurse Salaries in Washington 

Nursing occupations are some of the most lucrative careers with the lowest unemployment rates in the US. The industry is predicted to grow double the rate of the average occupation. Washington is one of the best states for nurses, sometimes sourced as the best one. Washington consistently ranks high in opportunity and competition (starting and annual salary), educational opportunities, work environment (average number of work hours, mandatory overtime restrictions), and more. 

Washington is also ranked in the top ten for highest hourly, and annual salary at $37.56 and $77,020 respectively.1 

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More About Our Ranking Methodology hospital rankings were based on several factors from various data sources.  These data sources were weighted as follows: Reviews [52.5%]

Recommend [5%]
Satisfaction [5%]
Culture Hospital [5%]
Hospital Support [5%]
Nurse Support [5%]
Benefits [5%]
Scheduling [5%]
Staffing [5%]
Nurse to Patient Ratio [5%]
Salary Satisfaction [5%]
Culture w/in Unit [2.5%]

Consumer Reports Safety [20%] 2

CR Safety Score [15%]
Improvement in avoiding C.difficile Infections [2.5%]
Improvement in avoiding MRSA infections [2.5%]

US News Ranking [5%] 3

Compilation of Various Rankings [2.5%]

Healthgrades4, LeapFrog5, Health Insight6

Health Grove Smart Rating [15%] 7

Nurse Friendly Hospital Rankings [2.5%] 8

Biz Journal Best Hospitals Work For [2.5%] 9

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