8 Things To Say To A Nurse If You Want To Get Slapped

Nurses may be seen as saints, but they can still get pushed over the edge when one too many ridiculous statements come their way.

Here are eight comments that can trigger a nurse's involuntary face-slapping reflex:

8. “Nursing is easy. Some nurses work three days a week!”

Anyone who says this has never worked three 12-hour night shifts and picked up an extra shift in between.

7. “Which doctor do you assist?”

Nurses work for and with other nurses; they are not simply handmaidens to physicians.

6. “Why didn’t you become a doctor?”

As if becoming a nurse is somehow “settling for less” or aiming too low.

5. “This isn’t like on TV.”

You’re right; if this was TV, you'd be dashing, 6’2”, not in a hospital gown, and taking me in your arms right now.

4. “Are you going to give that stethoscope back to the doctor?”

Not even going there.

3. “Do you only date doctors?”

Nurses are usually only attracted to Dr. Scholls.

2. “What happened to nurse so-and-so?”

Believe it or not, nurses do go home eventually.

1. “Hey nurse.”

While we do take pride in our profession, we also have names; I am not a servant, a waitress, or an otherwise objectified minion.


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