If You Work In Healthcare, You Won't Want to Miss These Amazing Parodies!

Have you heard of ZDoggMD ? He's a physician who has produced videos on YouTube since 2010. And his parody songs are great. We've collected a couple of our favorites, which truly speak to the healthcare professional's daily going ons. Give these fantastic music videos a watch and tell us which one is your favorite? What do you think he should cover next?

For stroke awareness, you've definitely got to see his version of "Can't Feel My Face" Weeknd parody!

Oh you know, just that Christmas classic "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Sepsis"!

Anyone ever have a day like this? You know, those "It Was a Good Call Day"...

Wow...this one DEFINITELY speaks to the heart. A must watch:

Ah yes..."Readmission" ;)

And last, but not least, one that speaks to ALL the nurses out there!


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