May 30, 2023

Is the University of Louisiana Lafayette School of Nursing Worth It? Nurses Review

Is the University of Louisiana Lafayette School of Nursing Worth It? Nurses Review

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Meyers School of Nursing at the University of Louisiana Lafayette is among the largest in the nation. However, the size of a given nursing program does not determine its quality. If you're considering attending this nursing school, you should have as much information as possible to make an informed decision.

In this ULL nursing program review, we've compiled everything you need to know about the university to decide whether it's right for you. Follow along as we explore ULL nursing program rankings, admission requirements, degree options, tuition, and more.

About UL Lafayette Nursing School

University of Louisiana Lafayette's nursing program is nationally ranked with several degree and clinical practice opportunities. Nursing students at ULL can work toward the following degrees, with various program and specialization options:

The nursing school focuses on connecting with students through evidence-based practice and education. With clinical hours built into the programming, ULL's Myers School of Nursing helps students achieve academic and practical success. may be compensated by some of the nursing schools we review. However, this does not affect our review process or the ratings these schools receive. All reviews are created independently by our editorial team. We review products and services from partner schools as well as schools we do not work with.


  • Private or Public: Public

  • General Tuition: 

    • Undergraduate in-state: $11,248

    • Undergraduate out-of-state: $24,976

    • Graduate: $480 per credit hour

  • Acceptance Rate: 78%

  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 98.04%

  • Application Deadlines: 

    • BSN to DNP: November 30th

    • MSN to DNP: May 1st

    • Graduate Certificate: February 4th

    • RN to BSN Online: May 22nd

    • Accelerated BSN: July 1st

  • Accreditation: 

  • Diversity: 

    • 630+ international students

    • 25% first-generation students

    • White: 62.5%

    • Black or African American: 20.15%

    • Hispanic: 5.76%

    • Multi-Ethnic: 3.17%

    • Asian: 2.74%

    • International: 2.30%

    • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.08%

Contact Information

Additional Information

Degrees Offered

Nursing (Pre-Licensure BSN)

  • Tuition: $10,346 per semester

  • Program Length: 4 Years

  • Online Options Available? No

RN to BSN Online

  • Tuition: $9,500 (total)

  • Program Length: 30 credit hours (12 months)

  • Online Options Available? Yes 

UL Lafayette - Ochsner Accelerated BSN Program

  • Tuition: Free with a three-year commitment to work for Ochsner upon graduation

  • Program Length: 15 months

  • Online Options Available? Hybrid

Family Nurse Practitioner MSN

  • Tuition: $480 per credit hour

  • Program Length: 42-45 credit hours + 600 clinical hours

  • Online Options Available? Hybrid

MSN Nursing Education

  • Tuition: $480 per credit hour

  • Program Length: 40-43 credit hours

  • Online Options Available? Hybrid

Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner MSN

  • Tuition: $480 per credit hour

  • Program Length: 48-51 credit hours + 600 clinical hours

  • Online Options Available? Hybrid

Graduate Certificate in Cardiovascular Nursing

  • Tuition: $480 per credit hour

  • Program Length: Six-month 12-credit program

  • Online Options Available? Yes

Doctor of Nursing Practice

  • Tuition: $480 per credit hour

  • Program Length: 39 credits

  • Online Options Available? Hybrid

Specialties Offered

Graduate students at ULL Lafayette can specialize in their nursing careers. MSN-level specializations ULL nursing offers include nursing education and a graduate certificate in cardiovascular nursing. They can also pursue advanced practice registered nursing options with family and psychiatric nurse practitioner tracks.

Is UL Lafayette a Good Nursing Program?

ULL meets many benchmarks that suggest it has a quality nursing program. For example, the NCLEX-RN pass rate is a reliable indicator of whether a nursing program is good.

Currently, the national NCLEX pass rate for BSN-trained nurses is 82%. UL Lafayette nursing school graduates pass the NCLEX at a rate of 98%, far exceeding the national average.

ULL nursing is also accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). This accreditation is a marker of a reputable and robust nursing program. It verifies that ULL’s nursing curriculum meets state and national standards.

What Are ULL Nursing School's Admission Requirements?

ULL nursing requirements may differ depending on which program you want to attend. However, there are some general conditions you should meet to get admitted to ULL Meyers School of Nursing: 

  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette admission

  • Background checks, fingerprinting, drug testing, and vaccinations

  • Three academic/professional references

  • Selective service registration (male students, ages 18-26)

  • Official transcripts (high school and transfer)

  • 2.0 unweighted GPA

  • Standardized test scores in English, reading, and/or writing:

    • ACT: 8

    • SAT: 500

    • Accuplacer: 250

  • Standardized test scores in math:

    • ACT: 19

    • SAT: 510

    • Accuplacer: 250

  • Alternative to standardized test scores:

    • 3.0 unweighted high school GPA

  • In-State Applicants: 

  • Out-of-state Applicants: 

    • Complete freshman requirements and one of the following:

      • Complete in-state requirements

      • 2.5 GPA on 17 Core 4 units and a 23 ACT/1130 SAT composite

      • 26 ACT/1230 SAT composite

*GPA Requirement waived for students with 23 ACT/1130 SAT composite scores

How Hard is the Nursing Program at UL Lafayette?

Though ULL nursing doesn’t release its acceptance rates, the university reports an acceptance rate of 78%. This figure suggests that the nursing school may also accept many applicants, but it doesn’t mean the program will be easy.

Whether ULL nursing programs will be challenging depends on several factors, which include:

  • Work/study balance

  • Program completion speed

  • Outside influences/responsibilities

  • Study habits

  • Time management

Students can make the UL Lafayette nursing curriculum easier by lightening their load as much as possible. Full-time students may want to consider not working or working significantly less during their studies.

What Kind of Support Does UL Lafayette Offer Their Nursing Students?

UL Lafayette offers various services for nursing students to enhance the college experience and help nursing students succeed in their classes. 

One unique offering is Wellness Wednesday. This by-students, for-students clinic promotes healthy behaviors among the ULL community. It also allows nursing students to share their healthcare knowledge.

Moreover, the Myers School of Nursing Simulation Program has eight simulation labs, including:

  • Two low-fidelity labs

  • Three high-fidelity labs (including critical care lab)

  • Maternal child lab

  • Health promotion lab

The University also offers numerous services, including the Student Success Office. This student service pairs students with counselors for tutoring, advising, and major or degree path information.

How Much Is the Nursing Program at UL Lafayette?

Several elements may impact the cost of attending ULL nursing school, which include the following:

  • Degree program

  • Mode of learning (online, in-person)

  • On or off-campus living

  • In or out-of-state tuition

  • Scholarships and grants

Regardless of these factors, students should expect to pay some general costs in advance if they attend UL Lafayette:

  • General Tuition: 

    • Undergraduate: $10,346 per semester

    • Graduate: $480 per credit hour

  • Freshman enrollment fee: $7.50

Contact an admissions counselor to learn about specific costs for different UL Lafayette nursing programs.

Is UL Lafayette Nursing Worth It?

Various signals suggest that ULL nursing is a quality program. For instance, UL Lafayette has one of the largest nursing schools in the country that offers multiple degree options for aspiring nurses. Moreover, graduates’ high NCLEX pass rates prove that the program produces competent, educated nurses.

What is UL Lafayette Nursing's Transfer Policy?

Transfer students should contact an admissions counselor to determine their eligibility before applying. An advisor at the Meyers School of Nursing will review and approve transfer credits through its transcript evaluation process. All transfer students must initiate this process and, once admitted, adhere to BSN policies and procedures.

UL Lafayette Nursing Reviews

“Overall, I liked the overall feel of the campus itself. I say this because the campus did not feel too big or too small; it seemed like it was the perfect size and had very friendly people. Because of the friendliness of the campus tour staff, I applied to the school. Also, they have a good nursing program and some of the best technology for the best education possible. I say this because, before I went on the tour of the campus, this school was not even on my radar, but after the tour, it was one of my top picks.” -Anonymous freshman via Niche.

“Great atmosphere of people. Welcoming spirit. Relaxing studying places. School spirit 10/10! Coolest professors. Fun-filled events. Great nursing, engineering, educational, psychology programs!.” -Anonymous junior via Niche.

“The school is so rich in culture and tradition and, in my opinion, is like no other PWI in the nation, diversity and opportunity are what they thrive on. It's about equity in this small college and fairly affordable. Academically the school excels, especially in nursing, engineering, and business, liberal arts is one of the well sought after categories of study, but we all come together like one big family in the end. Students truly have a voice at this institution and are more than just numbers in a classroom but also people in a community” -Anonymous Senior via Niche.