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Nurse PRN needs a CVOR RN in Portland, OR - A CVOR RN evaluates and executes necessary health care for cardiovascular patients before, during, and after the operation. Cardiovascular Operating Room RN play an important role in supporting surgeons during varying types of procedures in the cardiovascular operating area.

As a CVOR Nurse your duties include:Creating a sterile and safe surgical environment for patients.Assessing patient’s condition.Implementing patient care plans.Assisting physicians during procedures to make certain that medical devices are functioning properly.Overseeing the condition of the patient during and after the procedure.Educating the patient and their family about ongoing needs and care of the patient to make sure they quickly recover and do so comfortably.

One year of experience as a CVOR Nurse within the past two years. Active Nursing License in good standing.Current BLS through American Heart Association.Must pass pre-employment drug screen.

Weekly Pay, Direct Deposit, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, AFLAC, Referral Bonus, Renewal Bonus, 401-K, Joint Commission Certified,

One year of experience as a CVOR Nurse within the past two years. Active Nursing License in good standing.Current BLS through American Heart Association.Must pass pre-employment drug screen.
Traveling to Portland, ORThere’s no place that encourages you more to appreciate the great outdoors than Portland. It’s been voted the greenest city in the United States for a reason. Everywhere you turn, an awe-inspiring scene lays itself out before you. The skies stretch forever, and the green life is so vivid. The word “beautiful” just doesn’t seem to do the place justice. It's a great opportunity for nurses to explore one of the greatest cities in the US.The Columbia River Gorge boasts the most unforgettable excitement, allowing you to not only appreciate nature, but have fun with it. Go hiking, fishing, windsurfing, and just plain enjoy yourself. Look to the Columbia River Gorge Visitors Association for information, or just see if they can help you figure out what to do next! The Columbia River Gorge Association is a nonprofit group that has been providing service to tourists for nearly 20 years.For a great time with the kids, make a plan for Hoyt Arboretum. Only two miles from downtown Portland, there’s no trouble reaching it. Finally, here’s the chance for you and your kids to explore the natural world together. If you’re looking to add more education to the experience, visit the hosted library while you’re at it. This is the place for families to get together and build strong memories they will never forget.It’s easy to get swept up in the hustle and bustle of city life too! Why not go shopping? Head on downtown and see the endless selections only found in elite mall-goers’ dreams. A myriad of stores line the streets with something for everyone – grab your friend and check it out!And if music is your life, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Countless events to listen to music happen every minute. You can virtually dance the night away without paying a cent. If you’re up for a really big party, the Portland Jazz Orchestra is scheduled to host an outrageous “season finale” this May at the McMenamins Crystal Ballroom. You’ll regret it if you miss it!Don’t forget to visit the art museums - you will quickly see why the rest of the nation is so impressed! The sheer diversity is astounding; it’s so amazing to find so many different styles being displayed so close together! Culture positively thrives in this glorious city!Interested in expanding your travel nurse experience, while enjoying every moment during your time off then apply now for an assignment in Portland and experience the City of Roses for yourself!

To apply for this CVOR RN position in Portland, OR or to look at other positions with Nurse PRN, visit ursing/travel/or/portland/cvor/687369 or call (888)830-8811 today!

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