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Angelina Walker By: Angelina Walker

20 Things Every Travel Nurse Needs To Own

Brittany Hamstra BSN, RN This article contains affiliate links. 1. Packing Cubes ($22.99) Whether you are loading your car for a road trip or packing for a flight to your …

Kathleen Gaines By: Kathleen Gaines

How to Write a Nursing Care Plan

Knowing how to write a nursing care plan is essential for nursing students and nurses. Why? Because it gives you guidance on what the patient’s main nursing problem is, why …

Dawn Papandrea By: Dawn Papandrea

Highest Paid Nurse Practitioner (NP) Specialties

Considering becoming a nurse practitioner? You're probably wondering what the highest-paid nurse practitioner specialty is. Read on to learn about all the types of nurse practitioners and the salaries for …

Angelina Walker By: Angelina Walker

5 Tips To Deal With Bad Smells As A Nurse - From The Pros

Dealing with not-so-pleasant smells is common in the nursing profession. Vomit, feces, infections, body odors...c-diff are everyday occurrences in the life of a nurse. Yes, some nurses eventually “get used …

Chaunie Brusie By: Chaunie Brusie

ANA Updates Nurse Staffing Guidelines To Support Flexibility

By Chaunie Brusie The updated principles support both nurse and patient-specific factors for staffing. In September, the American Nurses Association (ANA), released an update to its “Principles for Nurse Staffing,” …

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