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Angelina Walker By: Angelina Walker

10 Tips For Dealing with Difficult Patients

Just like any profession that involves dealing with the public, nursing can mean working with people that are difficult in a manner of ways. You can run into all reactions …

Angelina Walker By: Angelina Walker

Travel Nursing in an RV – Pros and Cons

By Mariam Yazdi, RN My husband and I are both travel nurses and we started our journey in San Francisco. We got a taste for the real estate there when …

Sarah Jividen By: Sarah Jividen

How to Become a Fertility Nurse

Part One What is a Fertility Nurse? Fertility Nurses, also known as Reproductive Nurses or IVF Nurses, are nurses who care for those who seek counseling or treatment options related …

Lee Nelson By: Lee Nelson

Top Time Management Skills for Nurses

By Lee Nelson Sandi Thorson works as a registered nurse on 12-hour shifts. In addition, this South Dakota nurse is a wife, mom, grandmother, and a student earning her master's … Staff By: Staff

4 Reasons Why Nurses Need Mental Health Days

By Portia Wofford @lipstickandstethoscope The occupational stress associated with the nursing profession is a problem. More nurses are experiencing depression and anxiety, caused by their jobs. According to the Robert …

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