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Top 20 Non-Bedside Nursing Jobs

Hospitals will always need bedside care, but more and more nurses are looking for non-bedside nursing jobs, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic makes patient care even more exhausting than usual. …

Alice Benjamin By: Alice Benjamin

How To Handle a Bad Shift Report as Nurse

I've been a nurse for over 20-something years - mainly in ER and ICU, but I've literally almost worked in every single area except for labor and delivery. For the …

Breann Kakacek By: Breann Kakacek

Top 5 Tips to Stay Organized as a New Nurse

Being a new nurse may feel overwhelming no matter how much you have prepared yourself. There are approximately 2,400,000 registered nurses in the United States, and around 155,000 new nurses …

Alice Benjamin By: Alice Benjamin

How To Set Boundaries at Work as a Nurse

It’s been a trying month for me because your girl got COVID, and talk about bad timing! I caught it at a time right before I was supposed to start …

Joann Owens By: Joann Owens

Pros and Cons of 1099 Nurse Contracts

If you’re a nurse looking for more flexibility and an increase in pay, you may come across several per diem job opportunities. One of these is the 1099 nurse contract. …

Amy McCutcheon By: Amy McCutcheon

8 Money-Saving Tips for Busy Nurses

Who isn’t trying to save money right now? With gas prices up this year over 8% and rent costs up from last year as much as 26%, finding ways to …

Sarah Falcone By: Sarah Falcone

Nurse Practitioners in High Demand Through 2031

New data shows a striking upsurge in job prospects for nurse practitioners. The 10-year projections suggest that job growth for nurse practitioners will outpace most other healthcare professionals, including registered …

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