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Chaunie Brusie By: Chaunie Brusie

FDA Recommends Pfizer Booster Approval For Nurses, High Risk Groups

On Friday, September 17, an FDA advisory panel––the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee––released two important recommendations: Individuals aged 65 and older—as well as high-risk and immunocompromised individuals—should receive …

Kathleen Gaines By: Kathleen Gaines

How The Texas Abortion Ban Puts Nurses At Risk

In May, Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed SB 8 anti-abortion bill, aka the “heartbeat law,” that prohibits abortions once medical professionals can detect cardiac activity, usually around six weeks. Oftentimes …

Kathleen Gaines By: Kathleen Gaines

How to Help Ukraine as a Nurse

For over a month Russia, under the direction of Vladimir Putin, has launched a war on Ukraine. As of March 26th, it is estimated that over 3.8 million Ukrainians have …

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