November 13, 2017

Best Hospitals in Arkansas for Nurses in 2017

Best Hospitals in Arkansas for Nurses in 2017 analyzed over 735 surveys of nurses from 72 hospitals in Arkansas to rank the best hospitals to work for in the state of Arkansas.

1. Arkansas Heart Hospital


4.7 Average Rating
100% Recommended


"Pay is great, coworkers are helpful once you get to know them, [and] parking is a breeze."

"Friendly staff, flexible schedule, excellent pay, [and] educational opportunities."

"I really loved my coworkers. Things get done quickly."

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2. Mercy Hospital Rogers


4.5 Average Rating
100% Recommended

"Everyone is quick to help in any situation. The teamwork has been amazing."

"It has a great culture and I would highly recommend it to anybody."

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3. Baptist Health Medical Center - Arkadelphia


4.3 Average Rating
100% Recommended

"Great working environent with friendly staff."

"Schedule is pretty easy. There are many opportunities within the facility. Patient to nurse ratio is great."

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4. Arkansas Children's Hospital


Average Rating 4.3
96% Recommended

*Magnet Hospital

"Doctors and staff are easy to work with."

"Self scheduling [and] friendly, warm working environment,"

"Excellent support from other nurses and management."

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5. University of Arkansas for Medical Science Hospital


4.3 Average Rating
93% Recommended

"Great staffing ratios, great team of nurses, strong clinical programs, [and] good orientation."

"Great coworkers, hospital benefits are great, [and] lots of experience with trauma because it is the only level one trauma center in the state."

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6. Baxter Regional Medical Center


4.2 Average Rating
92% Recommended

"This hospital is unlike any other when it comes to teamwork and friendly staff. Administration back their nurses and the patient ratio is more than acceptable. Most everyone makes their own schedules and alternate holidays."

"Self-scheduling, pay good for the area, [and] friendly family, atmosphere."

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7. Baptist Health Medical Center - NLR


3.9 Average Rating
100% Recommended

"Manager is super friendly and the staff is very helpful."

"You make your own schedule. Great people to work with. Team oriented. Plenty of opportunities to pick up extra shifts."

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8. Saline Memorial Hospital


3.8 Average Rating
92% Recommended

"Our unit is a team and I love team players; even our manager works the floor if needed!"

"Great team. Number one focus is quality care to patients and families. Employees are respected and valued."

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9. Mercy Hospital Fort Smith


3.7 Average Rating
97% Recommended

"Coworkers, pay, teamwork, [and] wonderful doctors."

"Staff worked together to make sure patients were well taken care of. Doctors are friendly and most work together well with nursing staff to assist with better outcomes for patients."

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10. Arkansas Methodist Medical Center


3.7 Average Rating
90% Recommended

"Our nurses are very compassionate and caring [and] our doctors treat our nurses with respect and are held accountable for their actions if they are ever disrespectful. Management will back you up if you have an issue where you followed policy and someone was not happy with the policy. I feel appreciated and respected as a nurse here and would totally work here in the future."

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Methodology: surveyed 735 nurses in the state of Arkansas from 2015-2017 for this report. The ranking order is based on the average rating and the percent of nurses who would recommend their hospital. Hospitals with less than 10 nursing reviews were excluded from our list. 

Media Contact: If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

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