27 Nurses Reveal Craziest Answers To Sexual History Question

By Nurse.org Staff Writer We all just love asking that question, don't we? While some of the responses can be disturbing or unbelievable, most of them are just plain hilarious. Here are some of the best. From REDDIT 1. Save Your Breath moonboots333 Older lady, ...

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8 Things To Say To A Nurse If You Want To Get Slapped

Posted on: 01/12/2017

By Nurse.org Staff Writer Nurses may be seen as saints, but they can still get pushed over the edge when one too many ridiculous statements come their way. Here are ...

If You Work In Healthcare, You Won't Want to Miss These Amazing Parodies!

Posted on: 03/01/2016

Have you heard of ZDoggMD ? He's a physician who has produced videos on YouTube since 2010. And his parody songs are great. We've collected a couple of our favorites, ...


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Dealing with Difficult Patients

Just like any profession that involves dealing with the public, nursing can mean working with people that are difficult in a manner of ways. You can run into all reactions ...


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