Pediatric Nurse Salary and Career Opportunites

Salary Overview

Pediatric nursing is like most nursing specialties in that demand is high and expected to grow. Nurses skilled in this specialty will be needed even more in coming years. According to Medscape , as the U.S. population ages, more nurses may potentially specialize in geriatric nursing, pulling from the pool of available nurses for the youngest of patients. High demand will likely lead to career advancement and pay increases for RNs who can deliver great care to kids.

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Paths to Increase Pediatric Nurse Salary

Pediatric nurses can specialize in an area of pediatric care to take their career to the next level. One avenue is pediatric oncology nursing which involves performing tests, administering medications, and communicating to doctors and parents. Many employers seek RNs with Certified Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurse (CPHON) certification. Caring for young cancer patients is not for everyone but serves as an example that specialization helps with career advancement. Explore pediatric oncology nursing positions near you .

Entering into management can also increase career prospects. Charge nurses and unit managers step into staff leadership to advance a team’s skill and efficiency. Those who have a passion for pediatric nursing but also want to guide and mentor other RNs are a perfect fit for this role.

Additional education can open opportunities to become a pediatric nurse practitioner. This position requires a master’s degree and extra certification, but salary can be as much as 50 percent higher than that of a pediatric RN.

Additional education and job role changes aren’t ideal for everyone, so many choose to enter into per diem or travel nursing. These roles require the same skills that pediatric nurses already have, but employ them in a fashion that typically pays more.

Related Specialties

RNs currently in pediatric nursing have options to use their current skills to move into related specialties.

Further Your Career

There is no shortage of ways for pediatric nurses to boost their income and take their careers to the next level.'s job board posts new positions every month. High-paying, permanent, and travel opportunities are available for nurses all across the U.S. It’s truly a great time for anyone looking to increase their pediatric nurse salary. See the latest job postings near you .

Vonda J. Sines is a freelance writer based in the Washington, DC area. She specializes in health/medical, career, and pet topics and writes extensively about Crohn's disease. Her work has been published at EverydayHealth, Lifescript,, Yahoo! Health, Catholic Digest, Angie's List Health, and on many more sites.


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